Follow your instinct

Yesterday was such a wonderfully sunny and warm day.  I had a lot of energy and felt extremely happy and open to the universe.  It was one of those days in Spring where you feel really awake after the hibernating sleep of winter.  I felt compelled to take some photos, but of what?  I didn't do so, I didn't. Then, I just had to.  I got my camera and started walking around my neighborhood not knowing what to expect.  I saw my neighbor on her porch   The camera started snapping...I moved on after promising to come over for tea soon.  I turned the corner and saw my friend Jasmeen out working in her yard with daughter Phoebe.  I ran across the street, sunk down into the concrete sidewalk and click, click...the rest is history.  Something compelled me to pick up my camera and walk out the door...I will never question the impulse again!

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