Passions Unite

Two of my passions in life, bellydancing and photography, came together and united as one.  I have never been happier!  Bellyography, photodancing, danciography..the results are amazing!  So far I have completed two shoots, a gritty urban one in the 'Cuse and a natural one at Chittenango Falls.  After more editing, scaling down, printing, and framing occurs there will be a gallery opening at The Maya Tribe dance studio in Syracuse, NY.  I am hoping that all of this can be accomplished by the Westcott Street Fair which is normally at the end of September.  


Follow your instinct

Yesterday was such a wonderfully sunny and warm day.  I had a lot of energy and felt extremely happy and open to the universe.  It was one of those days in Spring where you feel really awake after the hibernating sleep of winter.  I felt compelled to take some photos, but of what?  I didn't do so, I didn't. Then, I just had to.  I got my camera and started walking around my neighborhood not knowing what to expect.  I saw my neighbor on her porch   The camera started snapping...I moved on after promising to come over for tea soon.  I turned the corner and saw my friend Jasmeen out working in her yard with daughter Phoebe.  I ran across the street, sunk down into the concrete sidewalk and click, click...the rest is history.  Something compelled me to pick up my camera and walk out the door...I will never question the impulse again!


Portfolio Building

Contact me to get on the schedule for a FREE family or individual stylized outdoor shoot.  Yup, I said FREE. You will get a consultation to talk about location and styling, an approx. 1 hr shoot, and a disc of edited photos that you can print and frame to your liking.  This offer is also available to businesses.  This is going to be fun!



I was playing around with my camera Tuesday afternoon waiting for Helen to come home from school. I wanted to take some shots of her and her friends coming up the sidewalk, smiling and laughing in camaraderie.  When I ventured outside, a friend of mine happened to walk by and as we were talking it turned out that she needed a "Head Shot" taken for her new career.  So, the day I decided to start this venture was the day I got my first job. When something feels right, and you are honest and open with yourself about it, it becomes right. So far, I like this fate.


What makes you happy?

That was the question I had been pondering of late.  Since the loss of my husband, I have taken stock and realized that there are a few key things in this life that do give me complete joy.  One of those is photography. I love the creative process, styling, and results that come from a photo shoot.  Whether it is with my niece, Kaya, or shooting a bale of hay- those moments make me happy. I have been given a chance to move forward with my life in a new way so I might as well take a chance on something that gives me joy.